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Magnesium Chloride 46% Pellet Tech Grade

Industrial Solutions

Magnesium chloride (chemical formula MgCl2) is naturally occurring and can be harvested from lakes and shore deposits. Cre Chem’s magnesium chloride is Fine Quality – a colourless to pure white flake and pellet that is a versatile compound that has many advantages.

Product Package

Woven Bag, PE Bag, Kraft Paper Bag, in Nett 25Kgs, 50LBs, 1000Kgs.

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Product Usage

1、In the chemical industry, it is an important inorganic raw materials, which can be used in the production of Magnesium products such as Magnesium Carbonate, Magnesium Hydroxide, Magnesium Oxide, also can be used as a raw material of antifreeze.
2、In the metallurgical industry, it is used for the production of metal magnesium, liquid chlorine, and high purity magnesia and so on.
3、In the building materials industry, it is the important high-rise building raw materials for producing the light building materials such as glass fiber tile, decorative materials, sanitary ware, ceiling, floor brick, magnesia cement, ventilation pipes, anti-theft covers, fireproof doors and Windows, fire prevention board, partition panel, artificial marble.
4、In the magnesite products, it can be made high quality magnesium tile, high quality system of fire prevention board, magnesium packing boxes, magnesium decoration board, light wallboard, grinding apparatus, stoves, guide fixing agent of firework, etc.
5、In the traffic industry, it can be used as road deicing snow melting agent, which is fast deicing, and is less corrosive to the vehicle, the effect is higher than sodium chloride.
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Product Index

NameMagnesium Chloride 46% Pellet Tech Grade
CAS NO.7791-18-6Molecular FormulaMgCl2.6H20
AppearanceWhite Pellet
Main Content (wt.%)≥46%
Calcium as Ca2+(wt.%)≤0.1%
Sulfate as MgSO4 (wt.%)≤0.50%
Alkali Metal as AL (wt.%)≤0.4%
Water Insoluble≤0.15%

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CRE CHEM is professional in the oilfield chemical,Road ice melt, dust control, and food chemical area..


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In 2009 the company successfully passed the EU REACH agreement, In 2010 the company passed through the FDA certification, our products passed SGS inspection and ISO9000 quality management system.In 2021 we pass ISO22000 food safety management system .

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