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corporate culture
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corporate culture

Provide good products to customersHelp employees achieve high incomeCreating high value for society


We have the united and efficient working team, reasonable structure,professional configuration, rich experience of business operation, stable and flexible operation mechanism.Since its establishment, in accordance with the relationship of property rights, an internal organizational structure and a modern enterprise operating mechanism based on the corporate governance structure have been constructed.We innovated the way of market operation, and gave better play to the advantages of scale and industrial synergy. This has promoted the rapid development of the main international trade business and stabilized its leading position in the chemical industry.

As an enterprise rooted in China and deeply influenced by Qilu traditional culture. All employees of the group always bear in mind the ancestral motto of "honesty, honesty and respect". We are upright and work hard. Our core value is basis "Quality Oriented, Integrity Development ". The concept of win-win cooperation has won the trust of customers all over the world to establish long-term and stable cooperative relationship.


Maintain The Leading Position in Chemical Industry

Adhere to intentions, enterprising innovation, high standards, committed to serving customers around the world
In the process to meet the demand of different customers, we will make the "CREDIT" brand bigger and stronger.

sense of worth

Quality Oriented, Integrity Development

Quality Oriented --- Build the cornerstone of international trade with the highest quality
Integrity Development --- Insist on Honesty and Promote the Development of International Trade

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