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Is magnesium chloride greatly affected by season

Magnesium Chloride | 2021-07-29

As we all know, winter and summer are different in temperature, environment and many other aspects. So different substances have different effects. The same is true for magnesium chloride. The properties of magnesium chloride are also particularly different in winter and summer. Therefore, when using magnesium chloride, we have to consider the influence of season.

Pure magnesium chloride is monoclinic crystal, and industrial products are usually yellowish brown with bitter and salty taste. It is easy to absorb moisture and lose 2 molecules of crystal water when dissolved in water at 100 ℃. Its aqueous solution is neutral at room temperature. It is synthesized by losing local hydrogen chloride at 110 ℃, and the strong heat is converted to oxychloride. When heated rapidly, it is synthesized at about 118 ℃. Its aqueous solution is acidic, with melting points of 118 ℃ (synthetic, hexahydrate) and 712 ℃ (anhydrous).      

In winter, due to the low temperature, the Glauber's salt decahydrate sodium sulfate in the magnesium chloride raw material brine will crystallize, and other precipitates in the brine will also precipitate accordingly. Therefore, magnesium chloride produced in winter and spring will be thinner and white, but the corresponding brine degree will be reduced.      

In summer, due to rain and temperature, the originally crystallized sodium sulfate will dissolve into brine. In the process of consumption, a part of white high-temperature salt will be doped in the halogen due to the temperature. Therefore, many white particles of brine sediment are suspended in summer, and the degree of brine is often higher than that in winter.

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