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What role does polyaluminium chloride play in water treatment

Polyaluminium chloride | 2023-08-11

1. It has the properties of adsorption, condensation and precipitation. It is mainly used for sewage treatment, wastewater treatment, drinking water treatment, circulating water treatment and production water treatment. The utility model has the advantages of small dosage and low cost. It is one of the commonly used water treatment agents in the water treatment industry. Of course, the effect is better when combined with polyacrylamide.

2. It has phosphorus removal effect and can form deposition with phosphate in wastewater. It is suitable for phosphorus removal in sewage plant. Polyaluminium chloride is usually used as coagulant. Due to different effects, the configured solution concentration and dosage are very different. The content of solid polyaluminium chloride is 26%, 28% and 30%. The solid shall be dissolved to a concentration of 10% before use. The dosage can be determined by small-scale product test according to the turbidity of raw water.

3. It has high adsorption capacity and can quickly and effectively form dense and large alum. Therefore, it is usually used as a coagulant in the treatment of industrial sewage, which can effectively remove heavy metal ions, radioactive substances, deodorization, sterilization, aluminum and other impurities contained in the sewage. Therefore, no matter what sewage can achieve good water purification effect and make the water quality clean and safe.
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