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What is the production process of polyaluminium chloride

Polyaluminium chloride | 2021-07-29

1. The raw materials used in the metal aluminum process are mainly aluminum scraps, aluminum ash and aluminum slag. The process can be divided into acid method, alkali method and neutralization method.

2. The raw material used in aluminum hydroxide process is mainly active aluminum hydroxide in the process of aluminum smelting by Bayer process. In the production, excess active aluminum hydroxide and hydrochloric acid are used to react at higher temperature (50-180 ℃) and pressure (0.5MPa) to prepare liquid polyaluminium chloride products with alkalinity of 41.6-48.6%, and then solid polyaluminium chloride products are obtained by concentration and drying.

3. The main raw materials of alumina trioxide process are gibbsite, bauxite, kaolin, coal gangue, etc.

4. Crystalline aluminum chloride the boiling pyrolysis process is generally used to produce polyaluminium chloride from crystalline aluminum chloride. The production capacity of this method is large. After heating at a certain temperature, crystalline aluminum chloride will decompose a certain amount of hydrogen chloride gas and water into powder products, that is, polyaluminium chloride monomer (also known as clinker). When the clinker is stirred with a certain amount of water, it will solidify in a short time to form a resin like product, that is, polyaluminium chloride. The process of producing polyaluminium chloride by boiling pyrolysis is simple and easy to operate. However, due to the limited source of crystalline aluminum chloride used in production, the production cost is relatively high, which limits the production of polyaluminium chloride.

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