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The structural characteristics of polyaluminium chloride determine the characteristics of the product

Polyaluminium chloride | 2021-07-29

The structural characteristics of polyaluminium chloride determine the characteristics of the product. The so-called polyaluminium chloride is composed of a series of inorganic polymer compounds with different degrees of polymerization, with good morphological distribution. It is a high charge polymerization ring chain shape with Keggin structure, has high degree of electric neutralization and bridging effect on colloids and particles in water, and can remove micro poisons and heavy metal ions with stable properties, The negative charge carried by the colloidal particles is neutralized instantaneously in water to destabilize the colloid, the colloidal particles coagulate rapidly, and further bridge to form flocs for rapid precipitation. The product has many characteristics:

1. Polyaluminum chloride is abbreviated as PAC, also known as polyaluminum chloride, composite polyaluminum chloride and basic aluminum chloride;

2. Molecular formula: [Al2 (OH) nCl6-n? XH2O] m, where: 1 ≤ n ≤ 5, m ≤ 10;

3. Test method: according to the national standard of polyaluminium chloride gb15892-2009;

4. Polyaluminium chloride is non-toxic, harmless, tasteless, easily soluble in water and liquid, and the product is yellow or light yellow or colorless liquid; Solid products are white or light yellow powder resin like solids, which are easy to absorb moisture in the air.

Alumina content is an important indicator of polyaluminum chloride products. It is generally considered that the higher its content and purity, the better the quality. In China's polyaluminum chloride industry, except for a few enterprises that can produce some series, most enterprises produce a single low-quality polyaluminum chloride product with bauxite, calcium aluminate and by-product hydrochloric acid, with small production scale and low technical content, The product has low content of alumina and many impurities, while there are few cheap composite polyaluminum salts and high-purity polyaluminum chloride products, which can not meet the market demand, especially the needs of the paper industry for high-purity polyaluminum chloride products. This is not only a difficulty, but also one of the research hotspots. Therefore, enterprises should avoid short-term investment, We should actively promote new process technology, improve the production technology level, and strengthen the development of new products.

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