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Application of calcium chloride in various industries

Blog | 2021-07-29

Calcium chloride is a key chemical raw material, which is widely used in various industries, mainly in these six fields:

1. For pavement cold protection, maintenance and dust control: calcium chloride is a very good pavement snow remover, concrete antifreeze and antifouling agent. In addition, it has excellent maintenance effect on ground and subgrade works.

2. For mining and manufacturing industry: calcium chloride is mainly used to produce a surface active aqueous solution, which is sprayed on mines and coal mines to manipulate the amount of smoke and dust, which can reduce the risk factors of coal mine work. In addition, calcium chloride aqueous solution can also be sprayed on the outdoor coal seam to prevent the coal seam from cold.

3. For oil drilling: calcium chloride aqueous solution has a high relative density and contains a lot of sodium ions. Therefore, as a preservative for the drilling team, it can moisten and be beneficial to removing the drilling mud. In addition, calcium chloride can be mixed with other chemicals in oil mining as well sealing fluid. This compound produces a bottle stopper at the wellhead, which can work for a long time.

4. For industrial production: calcium chloride is widely used as moisture-proof agent in industrial production, which can dry N2, CO2, radon, sulfur dioxide and other industrial gases; It can also be used as dehydrating agent for alcohol, ester, ether and acrylic emulsion. Calcium chloride solution is the key refrigerant for refrigeration unit and refrigeration.

5. For food enterprises: calcium chloride can be used as a preservative, added in domestic water or drinks to improve mineral water content and make edible spices. In addition, it can also be used as refrigerant and preservative for food quick freezing.

6. For agriculture and animal husbandry: spray wheat with calcium chloride aqueous solution of a certain concentration, and spray fresh fruit, which can be stored for a long time. In addition, calcium chloride can also be used as raw material for animal feed.

keyword:Application of calcium chloride in various industries

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