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Calcium Chloride 94% Tech Grade Powder


Calcium chloride is used as *Desiccant for hydrocarbons *Oil well drilling chemical Because of its highly hygroscopic properties, calcium chloride is used to dry (remove moisture) a wide variety of gaseous and liquid organic products. During oil well drilling, calcium chloride solutions are used in an assortment of applications because of their solid-free, high density characteristics.

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Product Usage

1. Snow melting agent for roads, highways, parking lots, airports, golf courses, etc.
2. Petroleum drilling, drilling fluids, completion fluids, petrochemical cementing agents
3. Prevent dust, coal dust and mine dust
4. Early strength agent in the construction industry to improve the strength of concrete and produce coating coagulant
5. Desiccant for moisture prevention; drying medium for gas and liquid in the process
6. Latex coagulant in rubber industry
7. Chlorinating agent and additives in ferrous metallurgy industry
8. The refrigeration industry is used for refrigeration.

Product Index

ProductCalcium Chloride 94% Tech Grade Powder
GradeTech GradeMolecular formulaCaCl2
Main Content≥94%
Total Alkali Chlorides as NaCl≤5%
Total Magnesium as MgCl2≤0.5%
        Calcium Hydroxide        ≤0.25%
Water Insoluble≤0.25%

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CRE CHEM is professional in the oilfield chemical,Road ice melt, dust control, and food chemical area..


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In 2009 the company successfully passed the EU REACH agreement, In 2010 the company passed through the FDA certification, our products passed SGS inspection and ISO9000 quality management system.In 2021 we pass ISO22000 food safety management system .

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Long term relationship means competitive price. Thanks to our high yearly distribution volume we can offer secured low prices.For orders, questions or quote requests please send an e-mail to We do not sell online due to constant price adjustments on products and transport costs.

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